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The Salon

Groomingtayles is a fully insured salon and boasts state of the art and environmentally friendly equipment:

AR2G Electric Bath (strong enough for Giant Breeds) which lowers to a height of only 14

Hydro Massage Bathing Beauty high pressure, high volume soapy water flushes through the hair until all the grime is suspended in the water at the same time your pet experiences a wonderful hydro massage

Camon Air Combo Drying System, the water is removed by suction, resulting in a softer, shiner and more natural coat

Vivog Sterilser the ultra violet light steriliser removes bacteria from combs, brushes, scissors, blades, thereby eliminating the chance of cross infection

We only use High Quality Shampoos, Conditioners and Colognes.  We stock a large range of products, allowing us to offer the right shampoo for your pet.